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Original Sea Moss Gel

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This amazing product is a true superfood containing 92/102 of the minerals needed by the body for optimal functioning! Made using only 3 ingredients - Sea Moss, Organic Fresh Lime, and Alkaline water which goes through 7 layers of filtration. This product has been sourced directly from the origin so we can assure you of the quality. Comes sealed with an inside and outside seal on every jar. More information can be found in the ‘what is sea moss’ section from the drop down menu. 

Have it your way!

Customise your sea moss gels with our gel boosters. Choose from 3 different blends to ensure maximum nutrients per serving. £2 extra per jar.

More information on the benefits of the boosts are found in the gel boosts section from the drop down menu.

Extra info

Please keep the sea moss gels refrigerated and sealed and consume within 3 weeks. Please note that the gels can produce a slight smell after a week, this is completely normal and the gels are still perfectly safe to consume!