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4 day juice and sea moss cleanse

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4 day juice and sea moss cleanse programme includes 10 carefully selected organic juices, and 4 orange ginger and Tumeric morning shots. All infused with sea moss. One of the juices is infused with cleansing herbs which gently break up the contents of your bowels to help remove it! Included in the pack you get access to a WhatsApp support group where any questions can be answered and we can all help each other get through the cleanse! 

There are only 10 spaces available per programme, don’t worry if you miss out as there will be a new one every 2 weeks! 

Orders will be sent out on Monday, arrive Tuesday and we will be starting Wednesday. It is advised that you freeze 3 of your juices for the last 2 days to maintain freshness! It’s important to prep your body on Tuesday by eating as little and as clean as possible, and drinking as much water as possible (+2.5L)

For more information on the benefits of the cleanse please message us on Instagram or via email.